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Psytrancetv television shows on video

Here we have the television show episodes made by Psytrancetv , a French satellite channel.
They bring you interviews with the best psytrance artists , they do record reviews, party reviews, and much more !

Visit them on their website if you like to find out more about them, and how to tune in with your satellite receiver:

Check out their latest broadcasts below:


Press the Play Button to view the episode

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Psytrancetv show 22
Psytrancetv show 21
Psytrancetv show 20
Psytrancetv show 19
Psytrancetv presents:
Terraformers live at Freak and Chic, Paris Dec 31th at TBE
Psytrancetv presents:
I Want Ur Kick party with CSX SUNRISE, Phonic Request & Tikal
Psytrancetv presents:
Psysrek CD review Feb 2007
Psytrancetv presents:
trailer of Full Moon 2006 by Manu Psysurfeur
Psytrancetv presents:
Children Of Paradise live in 1999 and Willy Dj set
Psytrancetv show 18
Psytrancetv show 17
Psytrancetv presents:
Parasense live at TBE
Psytrancetv presents:
LDB system Live at Batofar
Psytrancetv show 16
Psytrancetv presents:
X.DREAM Live in Batofar
Psytrancetv show 15
Psytrancetv presents:
Follow the Waves by Electric Gipsy

All Psytrancetv shows are hosted here with permission from the makers of Psytrancetv